Love The Magic School Bus? Need a Pet Lizard?

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Well, technically she’s a bearded dragon.

Magic School Bus CollectionTitle: The Magic School Bus

Author: Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen

While I was out hosting events, my husband got the kiddo for a day.  That usually means some good old fashioned father-daughter bonding time over the boob tube… just as I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad, so kiddo shall be raised to enjoy all of Daddy’s old favorites when Mom is out.  This week it was The Magic School Bus.

Convenient that it is also a very extensive book series.

So the next Half Price Books trip I made, guess what I stocked up on? Yep.  We’ve got picture books, leveled Scholastic early reader ones, and even the chapter books.  I want her to grow up enjoying these as she does now, learning basic science the fun way with Ms. Frizzle and that fabulous classroom pet Liz.

Shelly as the FrizzWhat genius timing that our very own real life Ms. Frizzle (whose real name is Mrs. Veron) and Liz (aka Professor Crikenator) have a dilemma.  Ms. Frizzle has to part (only in real life, not in the books!) with her beloved Liz because she’s getting a new tiny baby!… Crikey needs a new home and stat.  Are there any adoptive parents of bearded dragons out there? Anyone who would love to be the proud parent of a bearded dragon? Any Magic School Bus loving families who need a very dynamic new family member? Or any teachers out there daring enough to summon their inner Frizz with a Liz?

This is Professor Crikenator – Crikey for short and this lovely lady needs a new home. She has been wonderful to me for almost two years and is AWESOME to have in a classroom. For $200, the new owner would get lights, a 40 gallon terrarium, heated rock, timer for lights, lounging log, water and food dishes, temperature and humidity gauges, vitamin sprinkles and a hammock.

She sits on your shoulder, loves to lay on the back of the couch with the shades open, and lets you know promptly by wiggling around when its time to head back to her habitat.Crikey

She is excellent to teach children about inherited traits, learned behaviors, adaptations, dessert ecosystems, and the process of shedding.

Though she gets defensive when you let her loose outside in the sun (it’s a BIG world to her), when exposed to sunlight, her skin turns a brilliant golden yellow and orange.

She has truly been the “Lizz” to my “Frizzle” for the past two years in my classroom. The children handle her often and is very well adjusted.

Crikey 2Like most reptiles, she gets irritable when shedding and its best to just give her a squirt or two of water on those areas but then leave her be during these times.

She requires fresh greens and water everyday and a live treat of meal worms or crickets once a week.

She gets cranky, like any pet would, if she is not fed or handled regularly. Crikey gets a bath once every month or two. Simply put some luke-warm water into a deep tupperware or pan with a drop or two of gentle soap. Crikey will wiggle around and do all the work for you. Rinse her off and you are done!

She also comes with day, night, and basking bulbs, fresh keeper bags for her greens, a mini terrarium for her insect treats, food for the crickets, and a nifty background for her habitat. – Ms. Frizzle (oops, I mean Mrs. Veron)

Crikey Grown

Bearded Dragon Stuff

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A Tidbit from Miss Golightly

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My boys 🙂 They’re so beautiful. (Top left is Henry Higgins, top right is Colonel Brandon, and bottom two pics are of Gil Pender.)


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To My Beagle

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Geoffrey Guard DogOh dear boy how you’ve aged…

As a pup I loved your floppy ears and soft belly

Now ears are lumpy, feel like hardened jelly

That belly is fat and your hair is half gone

You are going gray and don’t have long

Oh my dear, dear boy

How you’ve aged

Flopping in the WindYou were so tiny, you brought me my keys

You gazed at me ’til I gave you a squeeze

We snuggled and played every day

On long walks you’d lead the way

You still snuggle, despite your bad skin

When we walk, you have trouble breathing in

Oh dear boy how you’ve aged!

DSC02349My sweet little beagle, once so soft and fun

Has gotten old and greasy, too tired to run

I called you ‘boyfriend dog,’ side by side we slept

You’d rest your head on my shoulder whenever I wept

And now you curl up, away from us all

Old, tired, your peppy step now a crawl

We love you old boy, our sweet beagle dog

Our little old man, a bump on a log

My dear, dear, sweet boy

How much you have aged…

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Author Karen Rose Smith Guest Blogs

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I find interacting with authors on Twitter to be very exciting, and it’s always fun to share my twittering adventures with my fellow readers and blog subscribers.  Karen Rose Smith is a best-selling, award-winning author.  Her 80th novel will be published in 2013.  Below, she shares a little bit about her life as a writer.

What Inspires Me

Writing and living are interchangeable for me.  They are so glued together that I realized while writing this blog that whatever inspires me for one inspires me for the other.  Peaks and valleys in one affect the other.  So when I think about inspiration for either writing or living, I can lift my heart in these ways.

Ever since I was a young girl, music has made a difference in my life. (That is probably why one of the romances in my new series revolves around music.) Until I was five, my parents and I lived with my grandfather and my aunt.  After that they lived next door.  I come from an Italian heritage, and my grandfather was an immigrant.  He played the mandolin beautifully.  On weekends friends would stop by with guitars and an accordion, and he and his friends made music.  That music brought into the house fellowship, fun and a sense of well-being.  Also in my grandfather’s house was a player piano.  We inserted what was called a “roll” and a melody magically played while my mother and I would sing along.  She played the piano herself, and I would accompany her, too.  It was natural for me to learn to play the piano myself.  Through the years I learned to express emotion through the playing.  I found joy and inspiration in the music.  With this history, I never just listen to a song.  I feel it.  Today I listen for artists and music which can stir that deep creative part of me, whether it does that by bringing back memories, lifting me to a mountaintop, soothing pain and stress away, or urging me to write a particularly emotional scene.  Music lifts me over the writing bumps or life’s bumps.

Traveling to a place with power also renews me.  I believe everyone can find places that fill them with peace and an overwhelming sense of well-being.  When I was a child, I had access to a relative’s farm.  There was something about the fields of grass, the scent of orange blossoms and honeysuckle, the playfulness of kittens around the barn and the beauty of horses in the corral that always washed over me in a particularly healing way.  I loved just being there and soaking it in.  As an adult I feel drawn to places where I can feel a power greater than myself–the ocean, the cliff dwellings in the southwest, the Appalachian mountains, the big blue sky over Santa Fe, Sedona and the Grand Canyon, a memorial garden my husband and I created in memory of my parents in our own backyard.  All of these places, as well as the memories from being in them, fill me up when I am empty and help me to keep going.

Since emotion and my creative energy are also integrally linked, the people I love and who love me also inspire me.  My husband reminds me that I always say each book is different and eventually my characters show me the way.  Talking to my son long-distance reminds me the bonds between a mother and child are never-ending.  When my BFF’s daughter runs to me for a hug, I am inspired to look at the world through her eyes–in a more innocent, unspoiled way.  My writing friends listen and help me get unstuck when a scene or character is being stubborn.  Also my three cats, Ebbie, London and Zoie are constant companions who remind me to be playful.  Ebbie joins me when I work or listen to music.  London curls on my lap or beside me for an afternoon break.  Zoie exhibits pure kittenhood. Their presence fills me with a sense of  joy and contentment.

Inspiration surrounds me in many forms.  I just have to know how to listen, where to go and whom to turn to in order to find it.  Somehow I always do and life and writing flow on.
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