So Many Books

January 31, 2014 at 7:07 pm (The Whim) (, , , , , , , , , )

I reblogged a post this morning discussing books, the acquisition of books, and when a person could possibly have too many, (*gasp*) yes, too many books.  This got me to thinking, yet again, about my own collection – ahem – addiction.

You see, Spring is just around the corner.  My husband just cleaned out our master bedroom closet the other day and I donated a trash bag of clothes to Goodwill.  Nooks and crannies will be conquered.  The stuff that has piled up throughout Winter will be organized.  Although I clean the house every day, this is when the true disinfecting from top to bottom occurs.

And the biggest mess of my house is the part of me that I love to love the most…

P1000933Yes, those are piles on the floor.

P1000934Yes, those are paperbacks stashed in the window sill. (And an empty fish tank.)

P1000935You don’t want to see inside those cupboards… so many paperbacks.


P1000936Guardian of the Library

P1000937I don’t remember what the top of that end table looks like… and that basket underneath is filled with picture books.

P1000938That completes The Library.  One day, the dream is for that room to be all built in bookcases.  When that magical day comes, I’ll actually have lots of empty space on the shelves and nothing piled anywhere.  I’ve done the math.  Therein lies the dilemma when it comes to purging.  Purge too soon and my shelves won’t be full.  Too late and I could be on the next episode of hoarders.

Wait, but there’s more…

P1000939This is the “school closet.”

P1000940Kiddo’s shelf, comprised mostly of the books from my childhood.

P1000941Kiddo’s actual shelf – you know, the books she picked out. (And a few given to me at the baby shower many moons ago.)

P1000942The last one… I promise.

This is why, other than review copies, my goal for the last few years is to make sure I read more of what is already in my personal inventory… and attempt to avoid new purchases like the plague.  I was largely successful in this venture in 2013 – here’s to continuing the plan in 2014.  I will not allow myself to spend more than $100 on books this year, and I must give away more than I bring in.  That is the goal.

What about you? Are you a book collector? A digital collector or physical copies? What is your vice and addiction?  How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

And lastly – am I a pack rat?


  1. Meb Bryant said,

    I see a clean house filled with culture, a well-nourished child, and a content dog. Everything looks good to me with the exception of the fish tank… Poor fishy.

    Sell some books (I bet you know of a place.) and use the money to buy more books. That’s commerce at it’s best.

    • Anakalian Whims said,

      Thanks! One book that will *not* be getting sold is a fabulous signed copy by a mystery writer who loves to leave commentary on my blog… she’s one fine lady. 🙂

  2. CoffeeScribble said,

    Your daughter and my husband would get along…they own the same 20,000 League’s pop up book. I think it’s beautiful, my own apartment looks similar to this.

    • Anakalian Whims said,

      She got these for her birthday from her namesake. ‘These’ being that she also has The Sound of Music and Moby Dick made by the same Pop Up publishing company. She loves them.

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