Books I Gave Away

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I may be moving.  We’re not sure yet.  That is another story for another time – and trust me, regardless of the outcome, the story will be told.

In these uncertain times, I am going through my belongings, and most importantly, my  library.  I’m consolidating, selling, giving away.

I haven’t cataloged every book donated or tossed.  You would think the ex-inventory manager in me would, but honestly I find it a little depressing.  But there are a few that have made some pretty huge impacts on my memory.

So here are the things I remember getting rid of (I donated about 100 books to the public library recently, if not more), and why:

Ramses Series by Christian Jacq

I read the first three of this series and then gave up.  I owned all five.  I loved Christian Jacq’s Queen of Freedom trilogy and immediately purchased two other historical fiction series by this world famous Egyptologist and fiction writer.  I got annoyed with the Ramses series because it did not feel based in history at all, which is something that I find incredibly annoying especially for this genre.  I’m keeping the Queen of Freedom books because I loved them; and the Stone of Light series because I haven’t read it.  Ramses, on the other hand, had to go.  A week after dropping them off at the library, I saw them perched all in a row on a shelf.  It made me smile.

Walter Mosley Hardbacks

I don’t know how I ended up with these.  I do remember them surviving previous purges because I intended to read them eventually.  I thought it was nice to have a diverse collection.  But the truth is: I like classic literature and I like cozy mysteries.  I don’t tend to read a lot of run of the mill genre mystery books and these just never called my name.  Not ever.  They sat and amidst John Grisham titles from my childhood and collected dust.  I’m glad to know they were not perched on the for sale shelf at the library – either they are currently in circulation or they got bought up quickly.  That, too, makes me smile.

James Herriot

I think I mentioned this already, but goodness! Me, oh, my! I end up with so many duplicates of this fellow.  Every time I pull a book from a corner I swear it’s a James Herriot duplicate of an existing hardback I have tucked somewhere else.  They’re everywhere! I think James Herriot books may actually reproduce other James Herriot books – like plastic bags from the grocery store manage to do in your pantry – put one in there and out come five.  No smiling here.  Just sheer, baffled giggles.

What books do you find yourself purging when the time comes?


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So Many Books

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I reblogged a post this morning discussing books, the acquisition of books, and when a person could possibly have too many, (*gasp*) yes, too many books.  This got me to thinking, yet again, about my own collection – ahem – addiction.

You see, Spring is just around the corner.  My husband just cleaned out our master bedroom closet the other day and I donated a trash bag of clothes to Goodwill.  Nooks and crannies will be conquered.  The stuff that has piled up throughout Winter will be organized.  Although I clean the house every day, this is when the true disinfecting from top to bottom occurs.

And the biggest mess of my house is the part of me that I love to love the most…

P1000933Yes, those are piles on the floor.

P1000934Yes, those are paperbacks stashed in the window sill. (And an empty fish tank.)

P1000935You don’t want to see inside those cupboards… so many paperbacks.


P1000936Guardian of the Library

P1000937I don’t remember what the top of that end table looks like… and that basket underneath is filled with picture books.

P1000938That completes The Library.  One day, the dream is for that room to be all built in bookcases.  When that magical day comes, I’ll actually have lots of empty space on the shelves and nothing piled anywhere.  I’ve done the math.  Therein lies the dilemma when it comes to purging.  Purge too soon and my shelves won’t be full.  Too late and I could be on the next episode of hoarders.

Wait, but there’s more…

P1000939This is the “school closet.”

P1000940Kiddo’s shelf, comprised mostly of the books from my childhood.

P1000941Kiddo’s actual shelf – you know, the books she picked out. (And a few given to me at the baby shower many moons ago.)

P1000942The last one… I promise.

This is why, other than review copies, my goal for the last few years is to make sure I read more of what is already in my personal inventory… and attempt to avoid new purchases like the plague.  I was largely successful in this venture in 2013 – here’s to continuing the plan in 2014.  I will not allow myself to spend more than $100 on books this year, and I must give away more than I bring in.  That is the goal.

What about you? Are you a book collector? A digital collector or physical copies? What is your vice and addiction?  How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

And lastly – am I a pack rat?

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Summer Reading Program… for Grown Ups!

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If you’re in the Houston area, love to read, miss those summer reading programs you participated in as a kid, and have a Harris County Library Card, you’ll be happy to know about the Harris County Public Library Get A Clue Summer Reading Program.  And yes, its for kids AND adults, and the prizes are awesome.

HCPL will be drawing from registered readers to win a Kindle Touch eReader on Monday, June 11th.  Every two weeks of the program, we’ll randomly draw from current registrants for an eReader prize, either a Kindle Touch or a NOOK Simple Touch.  At the end of the summer, we’ll have drawings from readers who complete the program for one $30 Amazon gift card at each branch library and two grand prize drawings  — one for a Kindle Fire and one for a NOOK Color.

Thanks to the Harris County Friends of the Library for providing the prizes and their generous support of Summer Reading!

I’ve got my profile set up and my first three reading sessions entered.  I’m really excited about this, and hope to get an e-reader out of it so that I will be more accessible to upcoming authors as a reviewer.  I know its more cost efficient for authors to send an e-book rather than a hard copy, but I wont be getting myself an e-reader unless I win it or earn it via Amazon credit as an affiliate.  If/when I do get one, I will only accept review copies on it, I wont be purchasing e-books if the book is available in a traditional format.  I’m old school, what can I say.

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