Maple & Willow

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Title: Maple & Willow Together51pSKNjwntL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

Author/Illustrator: Lori Nichols

I would have gotten this review up earlier in the week except every time I pick it up to look at it the kiddo stops me and says, “Oh Mommy, read it again, it’s so beautiful.”

So we’ve read this on repeat all week and have yet to put a line down about it anywhere.

We love that the girls are named after trees.  We love that they spend 90% of the story outside.  We love that they are sweet, sweet, but realistic sisters.


The girls play outside making fairy gardens and blowing dandelions – something we do a lot of.  Collecting worms is also a household specialty; kiddo once delivered earth worms to my sister’s kitchen table and insisted they have lunch along with her and her cousins.  My sister was none too thrilled about this and sent kiddo and the worms back outside where they belonged.

We love how familiar the girls’ lifestyle is, how much these aspects of their lives are in fact the best parts of childhood.  We love… well, we simply love everything about them.  Kiddo has asked that I buy this one for our collection, as we picked this up at the library.  We will do just that as soon as I find it.  We’ll purchase the other books in the series as well.



  1. Lori Nichols said,

    Kiddo is my kinda gal! Thanks for the lovely review. I’m continually encouraged that there area more and more girls out there like Maple & Willow.

    • Anakalian Whims said,

      Honored to have you swing by my blog! We try to spread the love of nature as much as we can – we homeschool (you can find our homeschool page on Facebook – Klemm University) and spend the majority of our days and classroom time outdoors as well. If you ever find yourself in Houston, TX we’d love to put together a signing/ meet & greet. We truly LOVE Maple & Willow!

  2. Lori Nichols said,

    hi Anakalian! That would be wonderful. If I’m ever in Houston I’ll give you a holler! Im really touched by this blog post and continually amazed at kiddos like yours! Love, love, love the worm at the table story.

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