Good Books That Were Simply Too Easy to Put Down

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Some books are great, the kind of books that you can’t live without and can’t understand how you ever lived without them.  We’ve all read them, the books that leave you forgetting to eat and avoiding the restroom – or bathing – for as long as it takes to finish the book.  You simply can’t tear away.  And when a moment arrives that you have to set it down, you moan, weep, you begin to go through withdrawals and ache until the moment you can pick it up again.

And then, there are books that are really good, but you don’t feel that way about them.  At all.  Like that dude in college you friend zoned.  Like that pie you ate, because after all it IS pie, but it doesn’t taste like your Grandma’s.  Like that pretty song you’ll hum, but you won’t go out of your way to learn the lyrics or play on repeat…

So here’s to the good books I’ve read recently that I genuinely thought were good, but still found far too easy to put down.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Fun paranormal fantasy noir fiction – however, Dresden finds every female he encounters attractive.  Either this guy is the most appreciative wizard ever, or he just doesn’t get out much.  Felt like I was reading a sixteen year old living in his mama’s basement dream hero, which is all well and good and entertaining, but in between readings, I wasn’t exactly itching to get back to the story.  Still read the book in a few days, but it’s the genre and length of something I’d usually devour in one sitting and… I just didn’t.

A Reunion of Ghosts by Judith Claire Mitchell

I checked this out from the library.  Absolutely adored the first few chapters, but set it down for some reason or another and never felt compelled to get back to it.  Due date came and I turned it in.  One day I’ll finish, but it doesn’t seem like a pressing matter.

Which brings me to my next review…

UnknownTitle: The Pharaoh’s Cat

Author: Maria Luisa Lang

Genre: Fiction

Length: 178 pages

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.  It’s cute.  I was actually pretty excited about it.  It seemed like a fun cozy for an ancient Egypt nerd like myself.  But, I discovered as I read that being narrated by the Cat isn’t as cute as I thought.  Instead, it’s highly distracting and I find it hard to get caught up in the story because the cat brain is awkward.

Lang’s writing is good.  The setting is fun, I always enjoy a good bit of ancient Egypt; and I love that the author considers herself an amateur Egyptologist, it shows in her writing.  I’d even go so far as to say that I might read The Pharaoh’s Cat again some day – with my daughter, perhaps.  But I wasn’t riveted and the character of the cat didn’t move me, like it moved the Pharaoh, I did not feel the bond that was formed throughout the novel.  I didn’t really laugh…

Read a more glowing review of Lang’s novel here:


  1. Maria Luisa Lang said,

    Hi Anakalia,

    Thanks for your review. You might enjoy my sequel more, Lady of Mystery.
    It’s going to be published soon.


    • Anakalian Whims said,

      Let me know as soon as it is! I’d love to do a cover reveal/ announcement for you.

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