Interview with Wayne Basta

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wayne bastaI had the pleasure of meeting author Wayne Basta awhile back for a book signing at Half Price Books Humble.  He has a three part series published under Grey Gecko Press here in the Houston area.  This week, I finally had the pleasure of interviewing him.

1. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your series. Can you tell us about it?

Aristeia is a science fiction space opera that follows the characters of Maarkean, Saracasi and Zeric as they accidently set off a rebellion against the powerful Alliance.

2. What moved you to start writing science fiction?

I’ve always been a fan of the genre. My father got me into Star Trek and Star Wars at a young age and then followed it up with classic science fiction books like Asimov and Clarke.

3. An interviewer (Sam Weller, of the Paris Review) asked Ray Bradbury if writing science fiction satisfied something that mainstream fiction did not. I’d like to ask you that same question. Do you find that science fiction satisfies something that mainstream fiction cannot – both in yourself as well as in society?

I don’t believe science fiction isn’t mainstream fiction. Look at the biggest blockbuster movies and books and you’ll find lots examples of science fiction. Science fiction certainly satisfies something other genre’s do not, but so does every different genre.

4. When did you start writing? Have you always wanted to write?

The first things I wrote were when I was 9 and we got our first home computer. I dabbled in writing ever sense then, though I didn’t make a serious effort to write a complete novel length story until just a few years ago.

5. When you write, do you have a specific place or environment you like to go? Do you play music (and if so, what music?) or do you prefer the quiet?

I usually write from my laptop at the kitchen table. The chairs are less comfortable than my desk chair so its easier to stay focused. The laptop also can’t run most of my games so that clearly defines this computer a work place and the desktop for play.

I write in silence a lot but depending on the scene I’m working on I might put on music. I’ll often try and match the music to what’s happening in the book. During a heavy battle scene I might play some epic sound tracks from movie battles or if its more subdued a lighter piece.

6. What is the easiest part of the writing process for you? What is the hardest?

The easiest part is the writing itself. Figuring out what I’m going to write, finding the time when there’s no toddler demanding attention, marketing the books, editing the grammar and everything else is hard. But when I know what is going to happen to my characters, the words just flow out with ease.

basta book7. Who designed your book covers?

I worked with an artist named Oliver Wetter to design the cover. I told him what I had in mind and described the looks of my characters. He then brought them to life. He did an amazing job with each of them.

8. You were recently at a Comicpalooza. What were you doing there? What was that experience like?

I sat on a number of writing panels at Comicpalooza. It’s always great to get to sit down and talk about writing and books with fellow authors and fans of the genre.

9. Do you have any tips or advice on getting published for aspiring authors?

Never give up, never surrender. It’s a hard process to wade through and relies mostly on persistence and dedication to succeeding. Keep trying and keep improving your queries and your writing.

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A Look at My Life This Week

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I’m almost always cycling in my spare time these days. That sounds like I do it way more than I actually do.  I’m a mom, so I live in a limbo of down time that’s not down time.  When I am child free, however, I ride my bike.

And here’s a visual update on how that’s going…

Woodles Family

Photo taken by Elizabeth. Click to see her blog.

I look forward to Thursdays every week. Taking a load off life on my bicycle with friends is so freeing.

Not that life is so hard… I work with books, which really doesn’t seem like work at all.  For instance: today, I met a really cool author named Wayne Basta.

Jason of Grey Gecko Press with Author Wayne Basta.

Jason of Grey Gecko Press with Author Wayne Basta.

But of course, while doing all this, I’m still a reader at heart.  So, during the signing today between photos and customers and whatnot – I read a book.

Totally unrelated to the really cool science fiction that was happening around me, I read a little book called Going Native: Biodiversity in Our Own Backyard.  I’ve been foraging for produce lately, and I found this book really interesting as it featured a section on wild gardens in Texas (Dallas to be more specific) with American BeautyBerry plants.

going native  All about maintaining more natural landscapes with plants native to your area, Going Native encourages the act of relaxing in your garden rather than working in it all the time.  Easier said than done, you say… well, there’s also lists of plants for various regions that are recommended with blueprints of how to set it up on certain properties. It’s a neat little book and I enjoyed reading it for the few hours I was hanging out at Half Price Books today.

I found reading this book especially amusing today, because – allow me to come full circle here – my bike club people in that fabulous photo at the top were giving me all sorts of grief Thursday night about being a hippie.  Playful grief, of course, as I nibbled – you guessed it – BeautyBerries out of a median we were stranded in while a fellow repaired a flat tire.

Welcome to my life… this week anyway.

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