Song for Papa Crow

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songforpapacrowTitle: Song for Papa Crow

Author: Marit Menzin

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

I was delighted to have Schiffer Publishing contact me to review a selection of their picture books.  There can never be too many children’s books here in the Klemm household, as kiddo devours them for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.  We’re readers. We read.  We’re also artists and we love admiring quality picture books.

As a homeschool mom of an aspiring birder, I couldn’t find Song for Papa Crow any more perfect.

This is a lovely story about how Little Crow loves to sing.  He sings his heart out and in the course of teaching children what birds of North America make what sounds, we also follow Little Crow on a a journey of self-discovery and why it’s a beautiful thing to be yourself.

Menzin’s collage art is gorgeous.  Kiddo and I adore all the rich colors.  We spend a good deal of time outdoors and it’s wonderful to see nature portrayed with so much texture even while confined to the pages of a book.

Of course, after every book, I ask kiddo what she thinks.  My three year old smiled broadly and responded, “I think it’s ridiculous.”  Ridiculous, naturally, being pronounced ridicooooolous and said for the sheer enjoyment of using the word.  Proven by the fact that she has asked for me to read “the Papa Crow one” at least twice a day since our first reading.

Now, a week later, I ask kiddo:

“Would you like to say anything about Papa Crow to our readers?”

“Yes,” she says decisively.

“What would you like to say?”

“Nothing at all, I just want it to be SEEN.”

Powerful words from a three year old, I think.  She’s right, we could talk about how awesome Papa Crow is all day, but when all is said and done, Menzin’s collages simply must be seen.

Songs for Papa Crow will accompany us to Story Time at Half Price Books Humble for the next two weeks (July 2nd & 9th).  We meet every Wednesday, all summer, at 10:30 am.  Though we typically read multiple titles, we tend to choose a favorite to feature each week.  We will also have a few Schiffer Kids Spring 2014 Catalogs for patrons of Story Time to peruse.  Snacks are provided.

I look forward to reading more from Schiffer Books as well as Marit Menzin.  The Klemms are officially fans for life.

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Liebster Blog Award!

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The rules for the Liebster Award are very simple: You are required to thank the person who nominated you, answer the 11 question they have asked you, nominate 11 other people and ask them 11 questions in return. According to the guidelines the Liebster award should be sent to bloggers with less than 200 followers so that new bloggers can see how awesome they are!

So thanks to Socially Oxward for nominating Anakalian Whims. It’s exciting to be noticed!

And now to answer your questions…

1. Do you think you’ll still be blogging in ten years?

If wordpress and cyberspace continue to exist, yes.  I hope wordpress does not go the way of xanga and myspace, but frankly it is probably inevitable.  However, before I check out, hopefully I’ll be able to get Anakalian Whims in print even if it’s just for my personal book shelf.

2. Did you ever realize that a rake was the male version of a ho(e) in the past? A rake and a ho(e)? Do you think ho is spelled with or without the e….?

Ummm… yes.  And I always spell it with an e.

3. What were you thinking when you posted your first blog entry?

That I’d like to become a professional reviewer one day.  Getting paid to read… what’s better than that?

4. What is humanity’s biggest flaw?

Disbelief and/or distortion of the truth of Jesus Christ.

5. What’s your first memory?

I have a handful from when I was two.  I’m not sure what order they occurred in, so I’m not sure which one is first.  One is falling on concrete and scarring up the backs of my hands.  I have several of hanging out with my Grandpa, before he died.  I’m lucky to have those, he died when I was four, I believe.

6.Why is Shakespeare so relatable?

Because everything he ever wrote has been rewritten to suit modern day times and scenarios.  Every generation has their version of most of his stories.  Twelfth Night becomes Yentle and She’s the Man… Romeo and Juliet becomes every romantic tragedy ever… and so on.  He wrote about basic human instinct.  A chick dressed as a dude will inevitably fall for the guy she becomes best friends with because best friends are what solid relationships are based on.  Teenagers who think they are in love but are forced to be apart will go all melodramatic on you.  It’s the way of the world.

7. Favorite punctuation mark? Explain.

I would like to say the semi colon; it’s a beautiful piece of punctuation that is often neglected.  However, if you view my writing tendencies you’ll find that if I am honest my favorite to use is the ellipses.  I am also a proud defender of the Oxford comma.

8. Does it bother you when people look at you in public?

Depends on why they are looking.

9. What’s the best food ever? Ever.

My Grandmother’s squash casserole. It doesn’t get better than that… it just doesn’t.

10. Someone knocks on your door. Right now. Who do you want it to be?

If I tell you, I’d have to kill you.

11.How many questions is too many questions?

13, that’s when I get tired.

Now, for my nominations:

1.Melinda McGuire is a fab lady who has done book signings at the Half Price Books in Humble a few times. She’s fun to chat with, lovely to have as a headliner for an event, and edited an awesome anthology on quilting. She also writes novels and is from Texas.

2.Joel Robison Photography probably already has too many followers to qualify for a proper nomination, but I really love his work so I’m doing it anyway. If you’ve never seen it before, I suggest you go check it out.

3.Coffee Cups in Trees is actually my old college roomie. She doesn’t post often, but she’s clever and witty and maybe she’d be more diligent with her blog if she had more followers [ahem].

4.Thinking Through Christianity writers are good friends of mine. The blog is informative and makes you use your brain. Check it out.

5.M E Foley writes about living in England from an American perspective. It’s a bit of fun and worthy of being noticed.

6.Prose is a fellow book blog written by a guy whose opinion I enjoy and respect when it comes to reading material. Met him in an online book club and following his reading is a pleasure.

7.S. Smith is the author of the Seed Savers series. It’s a fantastic book series for young adults that more people should be aware of, so I’m using this blog award to pimp her stuff. It’s awesome. Look into it.

8.Reading, Writing, Publishing, A Blog… there you have it. The name of the blog is so self explanatory it’s ridiculous. This chick is awesome. If you are a reader, you should follow her.

Technically, I’m supposed to nominate 3 more people. But I’m tired, so I quit for now. Maybe I’ll add them later.

MY QUESTIONS TO YOU (I liked the ones given to me, so I’m reusing some of them):
1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2. What is the most interesting thing you learned from a book this year?
3. What were you thinking when you posted your first blog entry?
4. What is humanity’s biggest flaw?
5. What is your favorite book to love?
6. What is your favorite book to hate?
7. Favorite punctuation mark? Explain.
8. Does it bother you when people look at you in public?
9. What’s the best food ever? Ever.
10. Someone knocks on your door. Right now. Who do you want it to be?
11.What is the song that’s stuck in your ear right now?

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