The Guardians of Childhood

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*A Weekly Low Down on Kids Books*

Title: The Man in the Moon

Author: William Joyce

I clearly have an artistic and literary crush on the fabulous writer and illustrator of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore! William Joyce’s work is simply beautiful, spunky, cozy, and classic.

During story time at Half Price Books in Humble, I was very pleased to discover a pile of The Man in the Moon on the shelf this morning, the first of many in Joyce’s Guardians of Childhood series.  It seems as though Joyce’s work, despite being lengthy, is just the remedy for a squirmy, whiny toddler.  One look at these gorgeous illustrations and immediately stillness and wonder ensues.

Joyce presents the myths of childhood in a way that a child will understand that they are beautiful dreams to enjoy, a fantasy to embrace.  Kids and and adults alike cannot tear their eyes away from the colorful and powerful images he creates, and all are equally riveted by the presenation of the tales.

I am coming to cherish my time reading these books to the kiddo and I cannot wait to acquire the others in this amazing series:

Buy your own collection of Joyce’s Guardians of Childhood today!

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Weekly Low Down on Kids Books – and other things

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Title: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Authors: William Joyce and Joe Bluhm

With great reluctance, I turned this book back into the library yesterday on our way to the Miller Outdoor Theatre to see a live *free* production of Cinderella.  Cinderella actually has no relevance to this story/review, I just wanted to throw that in there because the whole adventure was pretty awesome, we even rode a train.

“Morris Lessmore loved words.

He loved stories.

He loved books.

But every story has its upsets.”

But not every story is so beautifully written and illustrated.  For the last two weeks, kiddo has been getting a daily dose of Mr. Lessmore, not just because I thought it was so fantastic, but because she thought it was pretty awesome too.  Flying books!? It doesn’t get much better for that for a kid.

Shamefully, I have to admit that if I hadn’t read this book to my daughter, she may have forever missed out on Humpty Dumpty – merely because I am so busy sharing books with her that I often forget the nursery rhymes.  Yet, Humpty Dumpty is alive and well in Mr. Lessmore’s world, so thankfully, that is one she will not miss out on.

Mr. Morris Lessmore is also a good way to introduce a small child to the issues of aging, life, and death.  It’s a beautiful story of a man’s life with books, and like all men do, he grows old and passes.  Presented with a combination of calm serenity and passion, this story kept in a child’s library could be a little piece of fantasy and reality which their subconscious can cling to forever.

Part way through the very excellent play that I did not want to disrupt, kiddo got the urge to run. Cinderella still going strong in the distance.

Now, I am aware that I teased you a bit with that Cinderella business, so I suppose I cannot leave you hanging.  This falls a bit under the When We’re Not Reading parts of my blog, but still encourages literacy and the arts.  A.D. Players did a William Glennon play at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park yesterday morning.  The weather was perfect as it kept teasing us with rain, but never did.  The breeze was blowing, and there are so many things to do around the park that if/when your kiddos get antsy, its easy to take them for a walk or train ride.

To give you a full idea of how awesome these productions are, however, I am going to simply share with you a blurb from the program:

Founded in 1967 by Jeannette Clift George, A.D. Players pioneered a unique style of theater committed to producing plays and programs that uphold human value, offer creativity, and promote literacy and education.  The company is one of Houston’s largest resident theater companies, impacting more than nine million people.  Annually, the company produces five Mainstage shows and four Children’s Theater shows, and maintains a year-round Theater Arts Academy.

We share our mission with volunteers, community associates, and those who make our work possible through their support.  For additional information, visit or call 713-526-2721.

Pretty neat, right?

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